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From state collapse to duty-free shop: Somalia’s path to modernity
Hagmann, Tobias
African Affairs 2005, Vol. 104, No. 416, pp. 525-535 Available from: Oxford Journals
Failed state or failed debate? Multiple Somali political orders within and beyond the nation-state
Hagmann, Tobias
Politorbis. Vierteljährliche Zeitschrift zur Aussenpolitik (42):20-26. Download
State and Politics in Ethiopia's Somali Region since 1991
Hagmann, Tobias
Bildhaan: An International Journal of Somali Studies 2006, Vol. 6, pp. 25-49 Available from: tobiashagmann.net
La Région Somali d’Éthiopie. Entre intégration, indépendance et irrédentisme
Hagmann, Tobias
With the introduction of « ethnic federalism » by Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front, Somalis have finally been accorded autonomy in eastern Ethiopia. But fifteen years after the Derg, Ethiopian-Somali identity is still disputed and the question of self-determination is far from being resolved. The inhabitants of the Somali region are struggling with three options : integration into Ethiopia, independence based on territory and genealogy or irredentism toward the defunct Democratic Republic of Somalia. Politique Africaine 2005, No. 99, pp. 43-62 Available from: Politique Africaine